Meet Baby Whitaker!


May 20, 2014

Oh, this sweet little guy… I could snuggle him forever!  As a newborn photographer, I spend lots of time with sweet, soft newborns, but this little one is uniquely special to me… he is my nephew!  I was thrilled when my sister asked me to travel from Cincinnati to Seattle to visit him and take his newborn portraits!  Because I stayed five days, I got a ton of time with him, and I have a ton of photos as a result!  My heart for my newborn photography is to capture the newborn baby as he/she really is in those first few days.  I focus on simple, natural images that capture those curled toes, squishy little lips, soft skin, funny little rooting faces, to give mom and dad the gift of being able to remember the details of their tiny baby during the first days that are often a blur.  I hope that my sister and brother in law treasure these images of baby Whitaker, and I love that he will have them when he grows up and is a daddy with babies of his own someday!

See… isn’t he precious?

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